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Latest abstract works: Let it Flow and The Cross 1

Tauranga artist Lynne Sinclair Taylor has been known for her vibrant use of colour over the last 25 years. Her wide range of subjects, styles and mediums has often given her exhibitions an element of surprise.

Lynne is currently focusing on using the colours and effects of gold, silver and bronze to enhance the female face and form. Together with her love of fashion and design the result is that viewers are captured by the beauty of her recent works.

MERCHANDISE – Many of Lynne’s recent works are now available on a range of merchandise. Lynne’s art lends itself well to appearing on clothing, mugs, phone cases, aprons, duvets, shower curtains and other items. See the range here. Click the “Categories” to see the full range of 250 items.

A selection of recent works. Click an image for a larger view

A short snippet of my art journey (turn on video sound)