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I have a love for fashion and design and this can be seen in some of my latest paintings. My hope is that the viewer will be impacted by the beauty and vibrance in my paintings which represents the rich value of people. If you weren’t able to make it to my exhibition you can see it in the video below.

Thank you to everyone who came to my “Valuable” exhibition over Labour Weekend to make it such a memorable time. It was lovely to meet many new people and to have many conversations about the arts and to see past buyers coming a distance for the opening and purchasing some art from me again. I was humbled by people’s warm response and accolades. Thank you to those at The Raft for the tasty platters at the opening and encouraging cafe attendees to come into the exhibition room to see my art.

Regal Sisters

Below is what was written in my catalogue for my recent exhibition.


I have always gravitated to drawing and painting faces. When I was bored in class at school I would sketch fellow class mates and was able to capture their likeness. The first oil painting I sold in my teenage years was a portrait. I thought I would become a portrait artist. As I carried on my art journey I enjoyed painting so many things, in different styles and mediums. I wanted to break out of that realism mould which seemed to come so easily to me. I wanted to be more creative. So I put painting faces on hold. After some time I realized I could still paint people and faces but be more adventurous in my approach.

After a 25 year art journey of painting whatever I felt like I am now focused on people, mainly women, and mostly with gold in the work. Gold speaks to me of value, and so when I use it in a work I am emphasising the person’s immense uniqueness, value, worth and importance. As we recognize our individual value we will find it easier to recognize rich value in others and the world will be a better place with people being more respected and loved.

You are valuable, you are unique. There is only one you. We give value to things in this world that are rare – such as an old master painting – so how much more valuable are you! Your value hasn’t changed because of the knocks of life or the times you feel you’ve failed, you still have the same value and the One who created you loves you just the same as when your life began.

So I am hoping in my own small way that my works will remind you of your value and the value of others and together we can make this world a better place.

A selection of recent works. Click an image for a larger view.

I have featured in four magazines recently including articles about my life as an artist and my recent exhibition “Valuable”.





This is the first of a new series. I see a young lady curious about her destiny and where she fits in the world. The gold represents the treasures of her destiny that are unique and almost within reach, yet at this point mysterious and unknown.




This young woman represents so many today who are wondering about their destiny and what her life holds for the future. Because each life is valuable and full of promise and potential I have added gold leaf to highlight the worth of an individual.


Gathering Flowers



Because of my love of colour I so enjoyed painting this work over many weeks. It represents our journey through life to ultimate paradise, appreciating those special moments along the way.



I love painting with gold paint and this work also has a beaded texture on her gown. It is the latest paintings in my ‘gold’ series. She represents royalty.



I have painted with gold a little in the past but I am now bringing gold paint and soon gold leaf into most of my paintings. This is my first ‘serious’ painting in my ‘gold’ series. “Shayna” means ‘beautiful’ ‘God is gracious’ and she represents a woman of purity.



I had the desire to express a form of joy on canvas and this was the result. Different to anything I’ve painted before but I really enjoyed the process.

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Mysterious Woman

I love painting faces, and this acrylic work is painted in a similar technique to some of my chalk pastel works. I love the technique of using many small strokes, which gives the viewer that impressionist look and adds interest to the completed work.

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I Am Beautiful

I love painting the female face and this one is different to what I’ve painted before because of the colours and the technique. It is the first of a series where the purpose is to build the self esteem of the viewer. With being available in prints this would be wonderful for teenage girls to hang in their rooms.

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This textured work has my favourite complementary colours which helps the painting come alive and the diagonal lines help express the  movement of dance.

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Angel on Assignment

I have always loved portraying the three dimensional look in a painting and over the years it’s been revealed in much of my work including my sculpture paintings.

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What is My Purpose?

The message is to provoke the viewer to seek out their destiny and their purpose.

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Sophisticated Ladies

The first time I have approached painting ladies in this way and I love the result. Hope you do too. Sorry the painting’s sold but I can paint you something similar.

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Tauranga artist Lynne Sinclair Taylor has been known for her vibrant use of colour over the last 25 years and her wide range of subjects, styles and mediums has always given her exhibitions an element of surprise.

Now Lynne is focusing more on using the colours and effects of gold, silver and bronze to enhance the female face and form. Together with her love of fashion and design the result is that viewers are captured by the beauty of her recent works.

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