LABOUR WEEKEND ART EXHIBITION “VALUABLE”  opening Friday 25th, 5.30pm until Monday 28th October, 4pm
Conference Room, The Raft Espresso & Eatery. Chapel St, Tauranga
A unique exhibition glowing with gold and enhanced with colour and glitter, to represent the value of each individual.




This is the first of a new series. I see a young lady curious about her destiny and where she fits in the world. The gold represents the treasures of her destiny that are unique and almost within reach, yet at this point mysterious and unknown.




This young woman represents so many today who are wondering about their destiny and what her life holds for the future. Because each life is valuable and full of promise and potential I have added gold leaf to highlight the worth of an individual.


Gathering Flowers



Because of my love of colour I so enjoyed painting this work over many weeks. It represents our journey through life to ultimate paradise, appreciating those special moments along the way.


Heaven to Earth

I had such fun with textures and colours in this work.  Being a natural realist painter I find special enjoyment beginning a work with little idea of what it will look like when finished. the final touches with the gold paint gave the work that special glow.



I love painting with gold paint and this work also has a beaded texture on her gown. It is the latest paintings in my ‘gold’ series. She represents royalty.


Summer Blooms

While I was wandering around the Hamilton Gardens last November I was awestruck by the beautiful colour burst of flowers in the Indian Char Bagh Gardens. This was my inspiration for Summer Blooms – I was compelled to paint them so I could share what I saw in some measure with you.



I have painted with gold a little in the past but I am now bringing gold paint and soon gold leaf into most of my paintings. This is my first ‘serious’ painting in my ‘gold’ series. “Shayna” means ‘beautiful’ ‘God is gracious’ and she represents a woman of purity.


Ti Point

I love painting expressionist works and my love of colour is obvious in this painting. This scene is north of Omaha Beach, New Zealand.

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Hilltop Trees

On a family outing to the top of Maungakawa Hill, Cambridge I spotted these four beautiful trees which I had to paint. This is a textured expressionist work.

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I had the desire to express a form of joy on canvas and this was the result. Different to anything I’ve painted before but I really enjoyed the process.

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Autumn Ripples

Hamilton, New Zealand is beautiful in autumn – and much of its beauty is seen with the autumn colours reflected in the Waikato River, so this scene was a must for me to paint.

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Mare and Foal

I was captured by this intimate relationship between mother and child and was compelled to paint it. Chalk pastels were a magic medium for this work.

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Mysterious Woman

I love painting faces, and this acrylic work is painted in a similar technique to some of my chalk pastel works. I love the technique of using many small strokes, which gives the viewer that impressionist look and adds interest to the completed work.

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I Am Beautiful

I love painting the female face and this one is different to what I’ve painted before because of the colours and the technique. It is the first of a series where the purpose is to build the self esteem of the viewer. With being available in prints this would be wonderful for teenage girls to hang in their rooms.

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I love irises, and chalk pastels were the ideal medium giving a drawing/painting look to this work. Using the complementary colours of blues and oranges helps bring this subject to life..

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This textured work has my favourite complementary colours which helps the painting come alive and the diagonal lines help express the  movement of dance.

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Angel on Assignment

I have always loved portraying the three dimensional look in a painting and over the years it’s been revealed in much of my work including my sculpture paintings.

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A Starter

In a magic moment with my camera in Whangamata, New Zealand, I captured this scene which I was compelled to paint. The little boy was obviously a beginner fisherman and the logo on the man’s shorts “Starter” gave me a clear message on what to title this work.

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What is My Purpose?

The message is to provoke the viewer to seek out their destiny and their purpose.

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In the Midst of It All

Despite all the natural disasters, wars and pain and suffering in our world the cross remains as the symbol of hope, freedom, wholeness and eternal life.

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Sophisticated Ladies

The first time I have approached painting ladies in this way and I love the result. Hope you do too. Sorry the painting’s sold but I can paint you something similar.

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Tauranga artist Lynne Sinclair Taylor has been known for her vibrant use of colour over the last 25 years and her wide range of subjects, styles and mediums has always given her exhibitions an element of surprise.

Now Lynne is focusing more on using the colours and effects of gold, silver and bronze to enhance the female face and form. Together with her love of fashion and design the result is that viewers are captured by the beauty of her recent works.

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