Lynne 3Lynne Sinclair was born in Christchurch but spent most of her school life in Blenheim. Her artistic skills showed from a young age and she also loved to make and design clothes for her dolls. She frequently won drawing and colouring competitions. Sport was also a passion and Lynne competed nationally in netball, basketball, and athletics. Her only sibling was her older brother Wayne who is well known today as one of New Zealand’s foremost landscape artists.

Lynne always had an interest in the spiritual side of life and at 12 years she became a Christian. She committed herself in a deeper way to her faith in her early 20s when she attended a Youth With a Mission School of Evangelism in Lausanne, Switzerland. The teaching she received there gave her a strong foundation for her faith and later after returning to New Zealand Lynne was involved in a leadership role in YWAM. She led a team throughout New Zealand which was involved in drama, music, teaching and speaking in schools, public areas and churches.

In Lynne’s early working years she was a fashion illustrator and fashion designer and succeeded in winning prizes in the Waikato Fashion Design Awards including two firsts. She also tutored art and fashion design at the Waikato Technical Institute.

In 1983 Lynne married Alan Taylor and over the next few years had three sons. Her creative side went on hold until her youngest son was about to start school and then she picked up some pastels given to her as a gift years before by her brother Wayne. Lynne was very soon winning many art awards with the following five firsts:

1994 Otorohanga Art Awards (overall)
1995 Waihi Summer Festival Painting Competition (oil section and overall)
1996 Raglan Art Awards (local scene)
1997 Tauranga Art Awards (pastel section)
1999 Royal Easter Show Auckland (dry art section and overall)

Within a short time pastels became her passion and she started children and adult weekly classes and had the occasional weekend workshops. Today, Lynne still has children’s art classes in various mediums, adult chalk pastel Saturday workshops and gives individual tuition by the hour.

After painting seriously for a few years Lynne became aware there were two other NZ artists with the same name so her art name became Lynne Sinclair Taylor.

Lynne’s work in the 1990s ranged from realism to abstract in pastels, oils and acrylics.

From 2001 her work took on a new direction. Now she paints mainly in acrylics on stretched canvas. Her styles are mainly expressionist, impressionist, abstract and mixed media. She also paints in oils and often grabs the viewers attention with her vibrant use of colour.

In 2012 Lynne began her prophetic art workshops and there has been great participation and interest. Lynne is available to come to your town or small group to take this and other workshops.

Over the years Lynne has developed skills in public speaking and she is often asked to speak of her life experiences. In 2001 she was a speaker at the national Full Gospel Businessmen’s Conference and she speaks at clubs and churches. Lynne acknowledges that God is the giver of creativity and she is thankful she is able to pursue her passion for painting and to encourage many others to do the same.

Her works are sold through her website, galleries and word of mouth and her paintings hang in homes and businesses worldwide.